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Nazar is a social entre/intrepreneur who recently moved to Canada as part of the Syrian refugees resettlement program and immediately partnered with The Arab Community Center of Toronto establishing QUDURAT network, helping Middle Eastern professional newcomers to untap their potentials.

In addition to his recent work at RBC as an Account Manager, he came together with a group of Syrian expatriates to create Difugees, a socio-digital consulting agency that aims to help humanitarian organizations to build an efficient digital and communication strategies.

With primary focus on empowering Middle Eastern communities, he has been involved with various nonprofit organizations, including Arab Community Centre of Toronto, Talent Beyond Boundaries in Washington DC and Canada Armenia Business Council through sharing his professional and personal experience.


Startups Business/Vision Development; Nonprofit Leadership; Digital Communication strategies; Event Planning; Program Development and Project Management

Areas of Interest:
Social/Networking Innovation; Disruptive Systems Change; Community Development; Digital Governance; Cross National Dialogue; Muslims/Minorities Advocacy; Refugees Migration/Integration and Sociopolitical Entrepreneurship

Regional Focus:
Canada; Syria and Middle East; Armenia and South Caucasus